Sweat Shop Crop Top

by Scott Royle

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endless ups to thom, kat, jake, noah, the prescott piano, and sausage rolls


released March 16, 2015

jake nicoll - drums
noah bender - bass
scott royle - vox, gtar, piano

all engineering, producing, knobs twisting, done by the magical hands of jake



all rights reserved


Scott Royle Saint John'S, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Track Name: nosebleeder
your spit was so hot in my mouth
but the fires burnt out, its all smoke
your fists near the top of your blouse
the back of your house, our wheels broke

so long montreal
you've been trading tricks with a stranger
soft lights turning on
for you, little nosebleeder

salt teeth and a dirty black eye
doesn't deny, my cheeks rough
the blood dear in the cut of your hair
falling over the chair, you're so tough
Track Name: emeline
emeline, emeline hunts easy prey
allez, allez the french girls say
but they can't see her in the dark
just smell the smoke after the spark

on a train, her reign has come to pass
she succeeds the throne with tempered class
but they can't see her dirty thoughts
just hear her tying sailors knots

a maritime deserter
she tastes honey in alberta
grave picked flowers from the herder
and she calls him the converter

emeline won't wash her hands
they were cleaned in holy oil sands
but they can't hear her whispered psalms
just feel her dirty, filthy palms
Track Name: jazz guys
modern jazz guys alibis
french names for september skies
quebec constellation guides

lets take the car apart
and we can sell it for parts
make our dollars from sparks
and answering machine after thoughts
tongues are tied and twisted in knots

a blue moon and i know i'll see you soon
a streetlight and i know there'll be a fight
but not between me and you

obvious like blood on snow
the camera shutter falls too slow
washed out in a kodak roll
washed up like a talk show host
wanting the haunting of your ghost
Track Name: new joa
with a black eye and a fat lip
a trickle of blood and a mouthful of spit
the new joan of arc, in the punk rock pit

on the baie d'urfe line as tight as teeth
stop requested sign lit like a christmas wreath
the new joan of arc on an androgynous streak
the new joan of arc with her interests peaked

a cowboy romeo angel all glasses and gum
weather proofed in cable and talking in silver tongues
the new joan of arc avoiding his thumbs
the new joan of arc hides beside the drums

the gas station light blinks open all night, as red as a bite, the tired eyes of st. francis
a chorus of knees and hands tied to trees, that move with a tease like some hungover actress
when the wind comes again i find my sea legs and i call your name,
but joans up in flames
Track Name: pyot
water colours of the summer start to run on tired feet
the pianos hacking jazz through the window of 81 york street
its too late to pyot, the sirens singing for me only, lately

superstitious of the dishes that are tired in the kitchen sink
suspicious dirty wishes lipstick kisses on all your drinks
a relapsed misogynist who just needs a new years kiss, baby

the midgic road with expectation, a chiac prayer of exaltation
it was good enough to have drawn first blood

lets have a parlez at your party through a parted sideways glance
long division of the precision of my fingers beside your pants
mathematics and ecstasy, and silver lake mysteries, lately
Track Name: chma
we feel the waves
we feel the waves
salt water potion sprays
salt water ocean strays

west of here
west of here
in the rearview mirror
thumbs in your ears

for days when rains
for days when rains
your ghost once again
haunting window panes

i'm barking out a flame
i'm conjuring your name
coughing up a lung and biting on my tongue

i'm holding fast to hope
i'm molding casts of soap
spitting up a lung
with curses on my tongue

the sea, the sea
can't handle my affection