How to Break the Horse

by Scott Royle

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three new tracks to appease the masses. the first song, 'heartbreak blue', is dedicated to Stephen Quinlan: though he is not a french-man, cross-dresserl, disco dancing, mama's boy, he came to mind often while it was written.


released May 26, 2015

mad thanks to lenny o'neill who recorded all this, produced, knobs, twists, vox, piano, beard, bass, babes, blah blah blah. 

steve doyle wins on the skins 

luke power on mean farfisa 

aine maclellan on the broody, moody vox



all rights reserved


Scott Royle Saint John'S, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Track Name: Heartbreak Blue
've been away from you for awhile 
but i still have your lipstick and you still got your style 

i passed your house last thursday 
crawling to the virgin mary shrine 
the cherry trees looked thirsty 
though cherries were divine 

we used to conjugate at sunset 
to study torah and tiger beat 
put makeup over prayer sweat 
while the sisters were discrete 

oh lou, oh lou 
i saw you at the disco, the count of grandma's crisco 
oh lou, oh lou 
with an 'i heart mom tattoo', in a pair of heels past due 
and your sister's old tutu, painted heartbreak blue 

you danced on all the tables 
and made mary's out of men 
in hotel lobbies and in stables 
collecting ballpoint business pens 

blue blue eyes, behind the counter all night selling pies, pies, pies 
the neon light it brightly said 'pies are half price half past ten we like to see 
you coming, come again'
Track Name: Indian Marigolds
ets triple our sales, 
i mean, lets hoist up our sales 
for a course, on how to break the horse 

calm weather holds 
over cumberland tolls 
a lip balm, bruised with cardamom 

like a bear at a piano i fumble for your dress 
some italian soprano sings your name and i am blessed 
the constant shame of a urine stain, recalls me back to blue 
and back to you 

and i have had thoughts 
that fall on the dots 
around your nose, like indian marigolds 

a quick summer read, sawdust memories 
of when you had the flu 
an open wound, from a rogue bassoon, 
recalls me back to june 
and back to you
Track Name: Piss Poor
we washed our bed in bones 
and midnight tv tones 
paused on telephones 
with polished teenage groans 

the sparks from where we sleep 
a kiss from a chimney sweep 

we would start a piss poor fire 
from all-season chevy tires 
and moan like the piano wires 
of out of work umpires 

and i, have felt the thaw, francois, coal black hair 
and you, lips on the straw, au revoir, cold au pair